Life Lessons

Journalism is teaching me a lot this semester. Here are a few of the lessons I've learned so far:

My New Best Friend-

I've come to realize that stress is always going to be a constant in my life, so I might as well embrace it.


While deadlines are very important, they are sometimes impossible to make. Especially when you are waiting all day (skipping class and work) for the person you have to interview to call you back, and then none of your editors have time to edit your story.


Doing one thing at a time is not enough anymore. If I'm not doing at least three things at once, I am wasting time.


Sleep is not as important as finishing a story. If you have several people counting on you to get your story in for the next day's paper, sleep can wait. The same goes for any time I have for myself, my friends, my boyfriend, and my family.

The Bible-

The AP Stylebook is my new Bible, as sacrilegious as that might sound. If I don't know the rules for movie titles or street names, and I don't look it up in my handy little stylebook, then I'm going to look like an idiot.

Giving Up-

Sometimes it is all too much for a lil' 21 year-old girl to handle, but it will make me a better person in the end if I try my best, right?

The Comfort Zone-

Anyone that knows me knows that I am very introverted. I would much rather observe the things going on around me, than have an active role in them. So for me to be a successful journalist, I have to be a pretty good actress as well. If I am afraid or intimidated by someone that I have to interview, then I have to get over it and pretend that I'm fearless.


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