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I Need to Vent

The other day, in the middle of the biggest fight ever, my boyfriend commented that I don't like people in general. I know he said that out of anger, or at least I think he did, but it has been bothering me ever since.

It's true that a lot of people irritate me. And it's true that I have a problem pretending that I like someone when I really don't. But I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I'm never mean to people I don't like, I just avoid them. I think that's a lot better than being fake.

So anyway, these are a few things that I've noticed recently that have irritated me:

Women that tell me I'm cute – It just seems a little patronizing to me.

Women that are embarrassed by anything relating to periods (tampon commercials, buying tampons, talking about periods or tampons, buying the tiny tampons because they are easy to hide, actually saying the word period or menstruate without whispering it or making a face).

It's one thing to be embarrassed by periods and anything related to periods when you're a kid and you don't really know if it's socially acceptable to menstruate, but don't you think you should be over it by now?

Women that are embarrassed about having their yearly Well Woman exams. If you don't have the exams done, because you are nervous or embarrassed about a doctor looking at your vagina, or sticking something in it, or feeling your boobs, then you could be walking around with some kind of disease and not know it. I know it's uncomfortable, and I know the process seems a little stressful, but it's really no big deal. Vaginas and boobs are just another body part and every other person in the world has them. Oh and I'm sure the doctor couldn't care less if you shaved or not.

While I'm on the topic of gynecological stuff, women who are embarrassed to ask their doctors about contraceptives. If you are going to have sex, and you are too embarrassed to talk about it, maybe you aren't ready.

People that refer to me as "the quiet girl". Yeah, I know I am quiet sometimes, maybe even a lot. You don't have to tell me. I don't want to be labeled or pegged or categorized or whatever, especially by someone that doesn't know me. I'm not going to all of a sudden start chattering away just to prove you wrong either.

A lot of this happens to do with women, and I'm not sure why it ended up that way. Believe me; men do a lot of irritating things too. I guess that will have to be a different post.

Also, I realize that there are things that I do that might irritate other people.

That's all.


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