Pick Me

It's the week before Finals Week, and I am trying to find a new place to live. I have to move out of the dorms next Friday in the midst of chaotic cramming for exams. I looked all over this town for a decent, inexpensive one bedroom, and I have yet to find it. The thing about college towns is they (apartment owners) can jack up the rent at all of the apartments, because they know there are desperate students like myself that might be pushed to pay whatever it takes. It doesn't matter how shitty the place is either. They can charge $500 a month for a cardboard box.


So, not knowing anyone that is looking for an apartment right now that I could share rent with, I've reluctantly posted profiles on several roommate finder websites. I scrolled through my "Matches" and everyone seems to think that they are "laid back" or "easy to get along with". How would they know? Unless, of course, people tell them that they are laid back and easy to get along with.

It's kind of exciting, in a dorky sort of way, getting emails from complete strangers, telling me that they want to be my roommate. I've been chosen! Checking my email has totally taken over my life in the past 72 hours. I'm supposed to be studying, but my mind is so preoccupied with finding out if anyone else has picked me.

It's risky too though.

This weekend I have made plans to visit an apartment shared by two girls needing a third roommate (by the way, I always feel conflicted calling 21 year old women, "girls"). After receiving an email from one of the girls, I checked out their profile to see what they said about themselves. They mentioned that their boyfriends stay over frequently, and they like to dye their cat purple. For some reason the boyfriend thing bothered me more than dying the cat purple.


Anyway, I figured because of the low rent, it's worth checking out.

Really, I just want a nice place to live; somewhere that I can be my quiet self, and not be bothered if I don't want to be. It shouldn't be so hard to find.


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