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I've just finished a project at work that I've been working on for two weeks. I put UNT stickers and UNT Press flyers in 1,800 University Press catalogs! And I call myself the Marketing Assistant! They've reduced me to the Office Bitch.

So I am glad to say goodbye to those ridiculous catalogs. And I have been testing the waters here at work because I feel that for what I'm paid (read: next to nothing), I should be able to get away with a little fun stuff.

I've started wearing t-shirts and flip flops to work. I know it's sooo unprofessional, but I absolutely HATE dressing up for work. The farthest I'll go in that regard is putting on makeup and fixing my hair a little. So far I've gotten away with the t-shirt/flip flop thing.

Today I pushed the envelope a little further. I downloaded Real Player on my computer, which I think is frowned upon, and I've been listening to NPR all day, which I'm pretty sure is also frowned upon. Yeah I know. NPR. I like hearing the news. Big deal. They have good interviews too.

Right now they are talking about cicadas in the springtime.

So, yeah.


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