PMS sucks. It's true. I know that until Thursday I will be a difficult person. I will get angry, depressed, irritated, annoyed, and exacerbated. I'll probably cry a few times too, and although I know that all of this is due to PMS, when I am in these moods I will forget why I feel this way. I will be in the middle of a fit, or spin, or tangent, and think that it is the end of the world. I will say mean things to people that I love; give insolent looks to people that are nice to me, and a minute later feel like the nastiest person for doing so.

Of course, these people that usually like me will try to stay as far away from the PMS fiend as possible, and who can blame them? I can't. But I will. They will run and hide until the storm is over, and I'll feel hurt and abandoned. I'll need a hug more than I've ever needed one, and no one will be there to hug me, because I've scared everyone away.

I don't mean to be so crazy at this time of the month. Sometimes I think that there is no way any other woman could act as nutty as I do because of PMS.

The kicker is that on Thursday I will feel like a completely different person. I'll be bursting with contentment; I'll feel like everything is going my way, finally. I'll be cute and cuddly and the most charming person.

I know it all sounds a little extreme, but this happens EVERY month.

It's not my fault.


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