This sucks. You’ve been warned.

So here's the deal. I've been abusing my time spent at work. I am a time abuser. I come in at about 12 every day, leave about 3, and I surf the internet the majority of the time.

Maybe not the majority, but a good part of it.

I come into the office, ask the assistant editor if she has anything for me (anything being manuscripts to proof read, copy, bind, that sort of thing) if she says yes, then I get right on it, and hand whatever back to her spotless and in record time. If she doesn't have anything for me, I go to my desk and surf around until she does.

I was feeling a little guilty about spending too much time playing, so I went to the director a few days ago and asked him if he had anything for me. He did. He gave me the same damned marketing project that I finished about a month ago. I told him that I completed this project already, and his response was something like; go back over it, because it has more significance now blah blah blah. I could tell you why the project has more significance now or what the project is, but it is so insufferably boring, so I should just leave you out of it.

I'm back at my desk now. Haven't even started this project yet, because I don't fucking care.

Assistant Editor said that she might have a manuscript for me to copy later. Yea. Until then, I'll be doing this.

Sorry to bother you.


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