Minor Disturbances

I should have the internet up and running at my place tonight. Finally.

Nothing exciting enough to write about has happened lately.

We have a new person at work. I call her Amanda the Intern. She's very polite and respectful, and always shows up on time, and dresses up for work (she even wears makeup every day!). She's essentially everything I am not at work. Amanda the Intern is perfect.

You would think that someone so perfect would automatically trigger the loathe switch in me, but I don't really care if she chooses to be perfect. Fine by me.

The only problem I have with Amanda the Intern is she steals my desk quite frequently, and she only started working this week. But that is more of a problem with the editor she is working under. Karen the Editor always thinks it's a great idea to put Amanda the Intern at my desk, as if I am disposable or something.

It's just plain rude.

I understand there is a shortage of computers, as this university is very frugal, and I understand that Amanda the Intern and I work almost identical hours, but nevertheless, it is my desk.

I guess it kind of sounds like I didn't learn to share when I was a kid.

Anyway, this is the only thing worth writing about right now. It's boring, but that just means that something super exciting is about to happen.

Stay tuned.


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