Nothing More Than Feelings

After catching the last few minutes of an interview with some writer on NPR this morning, I decided that writers, artists, and comedians are some of the sickest people you'll ever meet. Not to lump all of these very talented individuals into one big generalization though. I'm sure there are some that are very well-adjusted and mentally stable.

But this writer said something that stuck in my head.

"We're all in love with our pain."

We like to romanticize our mood swings. The depressing moments seem to be the most inspiring.

So it's a toss up between numbing the pain through drugs (antidepressants, heroin), alcohol, food, or just loving it, because the pain makes us unique, creative, and inspired.

Who wants to be normal anyway?

Oh, and I have good karma today. I gave away one of my Gmail invites to a complete stranger for free. He was very appreciative of my generosity, and I was happy that I made a stranger appreciative.


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