ROYGBIV and Everything In Between

The past few weeks have been interesting, to say the least.

I'm ready for all of it to be over. I'm sick of the stress, anxiety, depression, waiting, wondering, smoking, drinking, eating, not eating, distraction, overwhelming, it really is overwhelming.

Next week, after the end, I'll sit down in the cushy, spinney chair and Meredith with fix my boring baby fine hair into some kind of funky creation. Then I'll take some deep breathes, smoke a cigarette, and know it's all going to work out.

I almost talked myself into moving to Austin last week. I looked at my life and my mess in Denton/Dallas and couldn't imagine going back to it.

I'll move down there, finish up school, live with friends, start over. And I won't tell anyone I'm doing it.

Slip under the radar.


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