Cellar Door

It's just too hot outside, and it stays hot until late into the evening. I can hardly muster up the energy to do my necessary daily tasks, like walking and sitting up.

The past couple of days, in spite of that voice in my head telling me to move, have been spent curled up on the couch watching romantic comedies, thanks to Mikki and her evil idea to saturate our television with all of the supreme movie channels.

I do things like knit or flip through magazines while watching these movies in order to make me feel more productive. Last night I opted for Donnie Darko instead of The Newlyweds and The Ashlee Simpson Show, and then sat outside smoking cigarette after cigarette pondering life's biggest mystery (or at least, the biggest mystery at this point in my life), "Why am I here?"

So that's something, right? At least all of this lackluster yielding heat keeps my mind working overtime.

I still haven't quite determined why I am here, but I came up with some pretty good ideas. I would share them with you, but I don't think I will.

Tonight I have to actually motivate myself to study for this absurdly difficult final I have tomorrow.

The class: The Legislative Process.

I know.

Okay, here's some news, I had a job interview today for a staff writer position. I'm absolutely no good at job interviews. I can never think of the answer to the question, until I've left the building. And people are always telling me to be myself in interviews. Really? Should I really show them the neurotic, irritable, desperate, unenthused real me? I don't think so.

Today, the real me definitely did not show up for the interview.

She, the editor, described me as "personable", and was shocked when I explained to her that in the beginning people terrified and intimidated me to the very core.

"I like you already," she said.

The real me wanted to ask her if she was nutty, but whoever it was that took my place smiled, laughed, and captivated.

I'm the crazy one.


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