and it makes me smile

I survived the extreme stomach cramps. Right after work yesterday I rushed to the grocery store and bought their entire supply of ibuprofen. It was impressive.

I have a bunch of stuff to look forward to the next couple of weeks. Well not necessarily a bunch, but a few very important things. First of all, I am finally getting my hair cut on Friday! After months and months of cutting it myself, I am in a good financial place to splurge on my hair.

Awesome hair is essential to me. When my hair looks boring and bland, I feel boring and bland. Sad but true. So after Friday I will feel fun and refreshed and liberated of these distressing limp locks.

Another very exciting thing to look forward to is my best friends Sara and Sarah are coming up here next weekend. Well, I'm not totally sure if Sara is coming, but Sarah definitely is and I haven't seen her since Christmas and I miss her a whole bunch, so I'm really excited about next weekend.

We'll do the usual girly stuff like get drunk and talk about boys and gossip about people and such. I have to show her around lil d, because there's a possibility that she'll be living here soon while she goes to graduate school, which would be the best thing ever, so I have to make lil d seem like the coolest place in the world.

Sara might be coming up here next weekend to help move her little brother, who's not so little anymore, into the dorms. This is also exciting, not because I'm close to her brother, but because since her brother will be living here Sara will be up here visiting a lot more often. And this makes me very happy.

My goal is to move as many people that I love as possible to big and lil d. When I first moved up here, I was all about having my space and not knowing anyone, but that got old and now I miss everyone like crazy, and I'm too lazy to move myself.

The one thing that's going to put a damper on all of this fun is my yearly exam.

You know the one I'm talking about


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