hey, it’s the sun

Thursdays are like Fridays to me. I usually don't work on Fridays and I don't have class on Fridays, so they're free days for me to spend doing whatever I feel like doing. It's like having an extra Saturday.

So, I get real antsy on Thursdays. When I was taking a summer class, I dreaded going, because I just wanted to start the weekend as soon as possible. I couldn't fathom sitting in a desk for two hours listening to the professor drone on about the legislative process when there was fun to be had.

Now I have work to contend with on Thursdays, and I'm starting to feel like I have ADHD. I cannot stand sitting here doing work (or pretending to work, in this case) when all I can think about is doing weekendie stuff.

It's really bad right now, because of this unbelievably fabulous weather we are having. When I'm outside I feel like I'm in a Polyphonic Spree video or something. And I don't even like the PS much.

So I'm sitting here next to a window and all I can see are blue skies and green grass, birds flying and squirrels frolicking, and I know the temperature is about 80 degrees, and I just want to be out there soaking it all up.

And speaking of it being 80 degrees in the middle of August IN TEXAS…what is the deal? I know there is something screwy going on, but I have no idea what it is.

The temperature just isn't normal. All I want to do is enjoy it, but something keeps telling me this is too strange to enjoy. I guess I'll just try to ignore that thought.

Someone needs to join me this evening for patio sitting and margarita drinking.


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