Spin Cycle

I'm busy. I've never had so much to do, so many meetings, and greetings, and hirings, and launchings, and brainstormings ever.

I have this little piece of paper in my purse that I've been writing the times and dates of all of these events on. I guess I should invest in a planner.

I've been waking up the past few mornings worried that I'm late for a meeting, or late for work, or just flat out forgot what I have going on that day.

Have you ever dreamed that you fell asleep in the bathtub, and you wake up on the brink of death and gasping for breath? Well I haven't, but if you have, that feeling is similar to how I've been feeling the past few mornings.

I got my car back yesterday. For those of you who didn't know, I was hit by a semi-truck a couple of weeks ago, and my car has been in the shop for quite a while.

I'm going to the doctor tomorrow for my Well Woman exam. Adding insult to injury, I have to be there at eight o'clock in the morning! I don't wake up that early for anyone, but I've been putting this exam off for months, and I just have to face the music.

I'm also going to try to figure out what this lump in my stomach is. Hopefully it isn't a tumor.

It would just be my luck to be hired as head writer right before I find out I have a malignant tumor.

It's probably not a tumor.


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