I'm exhausted. This weekend really did me in. It was the last hoorah before school and work bring this Dallas summer to a screeching halt.

I needed it to be rough, so it would be easier to let go of.

Sarah came to town and we dragged her all over the place. Actually we just sat around and talked more than anything else. I wanted her visit to be as stress-free as possible, but I'm slowly learning that those kinds of visits are never stress-free.

To take the edge off, we consumed large quantities of various coffee concoctions, guzzled down the most delicious dirty martinis ever, and slept as little as possible.

Sunday, Sarah and Sara traded places. Sarah went home to begin her school year, and Sara came up to help move her little brother into the dorms.

We stopped by and chatted them up for a little bit before heading back to Big D.

I had a meeting today with the editors, head photographer, and advisor. I'm feeling a lot less nervous about my job, and getting more and more excited.

Tonight we're going out for someone's birthday, but before that I need a serious nap, and a snack, and a couple of cigarettes.


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