End of Summer Slump

I am a slacker, a big fat slacker. I don't even deserve a three-day weekend, because of the slacking off I've been doing. It doesn't help that my roommate is somewhat of a slacker as well.

It's the second day of fall semester and I've managed to miss my classes. All of them. I've been oversleeping. Maybe I have narcolepsy. I woke up about 20 minutes before my class started this morning and rushed to the shower in a panic. I thought about skipping the shower, but I went to the gym last night and I would feel gross if I didn't take one. Also, ever since I was a little kid, I always go into hyper panic mode when I'm late for a class. The rational voice in my head tells me everything is going to be okay, even if I miss the class altogether, but the manic voice in my head keeps telling me that if I miss this one class I'm doomed. The world really will begin to crumble under me.

So I jumped in the shower. One day of missing class is okay, but two is out of the question. When I got out and opened the door Mikki was standing there with a grin on her face.

I explained that I was running super late and asked her what time it was. My class was starting as we spoke.

"Who goes to class on the first day anyway?" She said, mainly because she had missed her class as well, and I'm sure she used this explanation to tell herself she would be fine. Which she would.

To me this thought was ridiculous. Tons of people go to class on their first day. Why would there even be a first day of class if no one went?

I tried to imagine my Photo Journalism class, the one I was missing, with a couple of over-achievers sitting there, a tumble weed rolling across the room, crickets chirping in the background, and an annoyed, depressed professor standing at the front of the classroom going over the syllabus with two people.

The more I thought about it, and the more Mikki tried to rationalize not going to class, the more I didn't want to go.

Finally I threw my hands up and said to hell with it. It's the first day after all. I wouldn't be missing much, and anything important that I did miss would be recapped on Thursday when all of us slackers wander into class.

So this is why I am a slacker who doesn't deserve a three-day weekend.


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