I think my roommate is bulimic.

There are not any specific things to look out for when suspecting one of an eating disorder, especially bulimia. They are all very secretive.

The one big thing I have noticed is that after she eats a big meal, she goes to her room, closes the door, and turns on the T.V. or stereo to cover up the sounds of gagging and choking up the massive amount of food she just ate. Then the toilet flushes a couple of times, and her T.V. or stereo is turned down to a reasonable volume.

I used to do the same thing in high school, only I turned on the sink or shower to cover up any suspicious noises.

I do not know if I should say anything, since I am not sure if this is really happening, and I have my own unhealthy eating habits that I feel I should deal with before confronting someone else.

It is quite the dilemma. My roommate and I tend to look out for each other, despite the fact that we do not know each other very well. But how do you ask someone if they are throwing up their meals? And if she says she is, where do you go from there?

I had friends in high school with eating disorders, but back then it was accepted, when you are a 27-year-old bulimic it's a tad on the mentally unstable side.



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