Weekend Recap

The weekend has left me limp.

We went out to the Xpo Lounge Friday night, the last Friday it will ever serve drinks to its twenty-something-trendistas. I drank a few too many martinis and found myself sick in Dave*g's bathroom. The veggie tacos at Tin Star will never be quite the same, neither will the beloved dirty martini.

Saturday I remembered that I was also sick with a cold/allergies and smoking a pack and a half of cigarettes the day/night before pushed my recovery time back a few days. We had dinner with Mike and Lauren where Mike told us morbid stories that were very inappropriate for the dinner table, and any other time for that matter.

After dinner we headed over to the theatre to see the director's cut of Donnie Darko. That movie never gets old, mainly because no matter how many times I see it I still can't figure it out. I sat next to a creepy guy in the theatre who kept turning his head to look at me. He eventually stood up and tripped over everyone's legs as he rushed toward the isle. I was so unnerved by this incident that I almost had to leave. I know it doesn't sound like a big deal or anything, but if you had been there you would have been freaked out too.

We feasted on migas and huevos rancheros at the All Good Sunday afternoon. They seriously have the best migas in Dallas. And I should know, because I've been to just about every restaurant that serves migas, and the other restaurants can't seem to get the cheese to salsa ratio right.

We saw another movie about quantum physics, which left me feeling confused. I try not to think about quantum physics too much, because like the concept of Daylight Savings Time, the more I think about it the crazier I feel.

Today was the longest day ever, and it isn't even over yet! I still have lots of stuff to do and lots of stuff that probably won't get done.

But for the next 30 minutes or so I'm going to veg out and watch some television.


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