Keep the Snake In Its Cage

I came home from class today for lunch and got online to check my e-mail. I immediately noticed that someone had been using AIM on my computer. I assumed it was my roommate, and got really annoyed that she was using my computer without asking, especially since she has her own computer.

I was irritated to begin with because of a lack of sleep last night, but the little things usually get on my nerves.
So, I got online and went to the history so I could click on Gmail and saw that the history had been cleared out. Very suspicious.

I could hear my roommate's boyfriend rustling around in her bedroom across the hall and remembered conversations with my roommate about him looking at porn on her computer and getting in fights about it. He ultimately promised to never look at porn on her computer ever again�but he never promised to not look at porn on mine.
Visions of him sitting at my desk, jacking off, and looking at porn video after porn video flashed through my mind. GROSS!!
I did a little investigative research by clicking VIEW, EXPLORER BAR, HISTORY, and sure enough, a long list of porn sites and a couple of Victoria's Secret sites popped up. I clicked on one of them just to be sure, and was confronted with a video of a fat man engaged in sexual activity with a young woman with gigantic boobs.
I sat at my computer and thought about my plan of action. Should I immediately sanitize my entire room? Should I write a note on the dry erase board attached to the fridge stating, "WHOEVER IS LOOKING AT PORN ON MY COMPUTER, STOP IT!!!" Should I pound on my roommate's bedroom door and scream at her boyfriend until he's scared to death to look at porn in this apartment ever again? Or should I just call my roommate and let her deal with it? I chose the last one. She came home from the gym pissed off, went to her room and slammed the door, and I assume had a long talk with her boyfriend about his disgusting creepiness. I was hoping she would fill me in on the details of their conversation, since it was my computer that was violated, but she's been hiding out in her room all day and night. Not really sure what's going on. I know guys love sex and porn and thinking about sex and porn, but I think sneaking into someone's room and downloading inappropriate images and videos is a little bit on the disturbing side. That's all I have to say about that.


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