In the Family Way

There are a gazillion things I should be doing right now and this is not one of them. I know gazillion is not a number, but a certain someone has given me several lectures on my over usage of bazillion�and I like to make up numbers.
Everyone is either having a baby or thinking about having a baby or trying to have a baby lately. It is baby insanity!
This might freak some people out, but it makes me think about having a baby. Not anytime soon of course, but I would eventually like to grow a human in my stomach, and then watch it evolve into a person that thinks and feels and does stuff. I just think the whole process is really amazing.

There's a young woman, probably about my age or a little older, in my anthropology class who is pregnant. She's just this teeny tiny person with a very round, protruding belly. And there is a baby in that belly!! I'm kind of fascinated by the fact that someone my age is about to be fully in charge of another life.
I know there is no way I could do that right now. I can't even take care of myself yet. Plus there's just too much I want to accomplish before I start being completely selfless. And, ya know, there's the fact that I'm not married and don't see myself being married for a while.
But it's really exciting to think of the possibility of creating a person someday, even if it's another eight to ten years down the road.
Oh how I hate the term, "in the family way". Inside the quotes or outside?


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