Are We There Yet

So, the roommate let her boyfriend back into the apartment. I never thought I would be so irritated by his presence.
I relayed the porn story to my best friend. She agreed that it was creepy and disgusting. She asked if my roommate had broken up with him for it. Now, my best friend is a very dramatic person, so it's hard for me to take her suggestions/viewpoints/comments entirely seriously, but this question got me thinking. It's a serious offense to look at porn on someone else's computer, especially someone else you hardly know, but what are the consequences to this action? I tried to put myself in my roommate's situation. If my boyfriend had been caught looking at porn on her computer, what would I do? I know I would be pissed off for more than two days. He wouldn't be allowed back into the apartment for quite sometime, not only because I would be pissed, but for consideration towards my roommate. And I would probably suspect he had some sort of problem since he needed to look at porn so badly that he invaded someone's privacy in order to do so. So, I'm not really sure if I would break up with him, but I might consider it, or at least think about it for more than two days.
I don't know if I'm overreacting about all of this.


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