Uneven Remainders

Oh, the weekend. What a weekend.
The lovely Sara Potter came up for a visit on Thursday night. We joined her and her brother and a bunch of their friends for her birthday party Friday night. It was funny to interact with so many freshmen fresh out of high school. They're so young! I was thinking that in a couple of years I'll probably look back on me at 21 and think I was pretty young too. Not that I'll be much older in a couple of years.
Saturday night we ate at Monica's Aca y Alla. The food is always so tasty there, but the deafening music and conga lines will probably keep us away for a while. After Monica's we went over to the magical Pharmacy, where we sat on the roof and enjoyed $1 Wells �til the break of midnight. The next day I thought about some of the nonsensical things I said to Mike and Lauren after those $1 Wells and cringed. But doesn't that always happen?
Sunday was smashing. I woke up happy. I love it when I wake up happy. Dave*g and I tooled around a depressing mall in Frisco. Frisco and malls are miserable on their own, so when you put the two together it can only spell trouble. All I wanted were some cute new panties. I went to a gazillion stores and the only cute things I could find were thongs. I absolutely hate thongs. I think any woman that says she likes them is either deranged or lying. How could you like a piece of fabric camped out between your butt cheeks all day long? By the end of the trip I was about to throw myself on the floor and have a full blown temper tantrum, complete with pounding fists and angry tears.
We rented Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind last night. I've seen it before, but I just had to see it again. I don't know how I made it through that movie without bawling my eyes out when I saw it in the theatre. I was crying like a little girl last night, and trying really hard to hold it together for Dave*g's sake. I'm crazy about that movie. I adore movies that make you want to be in love.
So, that's my weekend. If you weren't able to join me, maybe you can some other time.


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