Purple Alien Monkey Dishwasher

I finished registering for spring classes today. I'll have Spanish (again�ugh), Feature Writing, Feminist Thought, Photo Journalism, and one semester closer to graduation! Yeah, I'll only have 12 hours next semester, but I figure added to yearbook responsibilities, plus the fact that I'll be taking two major classes, I outta be pretty darn busy.
The parents are trying to get me to graduate by next December. I could do that except I'll probably end up killing myself in the process. Next fall should be full of Journalism classes.
So that's my exciting life right now.
I totally meant to write something about the election last week, but I was so depressed about the whole thing that I couldn't form writable thoughts. I couldn't even write formable thoughts. The depression is still there, but it's coming in waves. I had a huge fiasco with my absentee ballot being absent, and it's such a long story, and frankly I just don't want to talk about it anymore.
So there.
I saw a picture of what my sister-in-law's baby should look like right now, and I think alien best describes it. It looks like an alien monkey, and I think if there was an alien monkey inside my stomach I would FREAK OUT. But she's handling the alien monkey thing pretty well.
So there's that.
Oh, also I might be cat-sitting for Bob Schneider's bass player's daughter's cat.
This whole thing has been a way for me to procrastinate right now, so I'd better go and get to work, or smoke.


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