It’s About Me Too

It was a sad scene.
She sat on the balcony in the cold with her legs propped up on the rail. She shook from the wintry air, but also from the anger and anxiety of confronting her big brother.
He was the one she looked up to as a kid, following him around, playing dress-up in his baseball uniform, and loving him with her whole entire heart.
No matter how many times he had screwed up, part of her still holds onto him as one of her best friends.
She yelled and cried and smoked and smoked. He really let her down this time. They went around in circles with their conversation, never really getting anywhere, and her thoughts were becoming blurry. This made her angrier.
He really was better at arguing. And he had this condescending tone and laugh that she remembered from her childhood.
It wasn't a simple problem with a simple solution, she knew that, but she also knew that if he followed his heart he could do the right thing, he could start to make things better.
He's more than ten years older than her and he didn't understand. Everyone just wanted to be loved and cared about.
The conversation ended as sour as it began.
With deadlines hanging over her head, all she wanted to do was crawl into bed with Little Bow Wow, the plush puppy, pull the covers over her head, and wait for a new day.
And so she did.


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