Hilarity Ensues

As I left the Union on my way to lunch I passed by one of the conservative groups on campus who had a table set up on the lawn. They had a giant poster board with well-wishes scrawled all over it for the soldiers fighting in Iraq.
I tried to rush past them in my anti-social way, because at the time eating was way more important than signing an enormous card. But just when I thought I was home free one of those conservative members called out to me and asked me to sign the card to support our troops.
"Uh, not right now." I said as I walked by. "Well I hope you enjoy your freedom!" Another conservative member yelled. Now was that really necessary? Of course I enjoy my freedom, and I feel bad for all of those soldiers over seas that are fighting for an unjust cause, but just because I don't sign a freakin card about it doesn't mean I'm some kind of ungrateful person. Also, I walked in on a class today. I was supposed to meet someone in the Mac Lab to return a book, and it turned out that there was a class going on in the lab that I was unaware of. I walked in and saw a bunch of unfamiliar faces (actually a couple were familiar which makes it even more embarrassing). The professor glared at me and informed me that there was a class in progress. Looking back it doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but I was pretty embarrassed.
Also, as I made my way over to Copy Pro two shaggy looking guys stopped me and one of them asked me for 50 cents. It was pretty obvious that they were under the influence of something illegal. I told the guy I didn't have anything. Then they invited me to see their band play at Rubber Gloves, to which I declined. They looked sad and then one of them told me I was like Elliot Smith for his heart. Very strange and random.
I know! All of this excitement for one little day, and it isn't even over yet�


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