Kitty Litter

The kitten came and went.
I cat sat for about 24 hours, and I found that cats aren't all they're cracked up to be. For a while I'd been dying for a pet, but after cat sitting I've realized that pets are way too much responsibility for a college student. I'm not home much and when I am I'm too exhausted to entertain a little creature, and if I'm not too tired then I'm just being selfish and want to do fun things like read or write or watch Real World.
I would be a horrible mama for a kitty or puppy.
But I've learned my lesson. My roommate is relieved that I'm not longer pet crazy, and I'm sure D will be happy too.
I've started doing Pilates again! Yea for Pilates!
The great thing about Pilates is when you're doing it it feels like an old lady workout, you know like Sit and Be Fit or something, but you're really getting a hardcore workout. It's awesome. Plus, for some reason when I get into the habit of doing Pilates I'm on time to everything, which is so unlike me.
But anyway, I'm tired and I've got work to do still.


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