Don’t Hold Your Breath

I went home with D this weekend and he's going home with me on Wednesday for Thanksgiving. We're putting a lot of miles on our cars, and spending an abnormal amount of time with family.
As I told people about our road trips here and there, I got unnerving remarks from everyone. "You guys must be getting serious!" "Sounds serious!" "Do y'all have an announcement to make?" And my favorite, "Well if this is someone that you're going to be spending the rest of your life with, then I would like to spend more time with him." I kept these comments to myself, because I was worried that if I told D he would freak out and break up with me so people wouldn't think we were getting married. But we eventually got around to talking about our crazy friends and family and their nutty ideas, and it turns out he was getting the same remarks and was worried that I was thinking we were going to get married. So there we were, not saying anything because we didn't want to send the other person into a spin, when in reality I don't think either of us wants to get married anytime soon. I realize that when you're in love with someone you could see yourself spending the rest of your life with that person. And when you've been with that person for an extended period of time and still feel the same, it's pretty great. But I'm just not ready for that kind of thing. So, D and I would really appreciate it if everyone would leave us alone about getting married.


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