Mmmm Spinach

Thanksgiving didn't kill me, but I doubt it made me stronger.
D and I went down to Houston to see the fam. It wasn't the relaxing vacation I was looking for, but I think I was kidding myself when I thought Thanksgiving could be relaxing.
You might think your family is crazy, but there is no way they are crazier than mine. D got a glimpse into my usual holiday life, and I have a pretty good feeling he won't be spending any more holidays with me after that.
It wasn't all bad though. In a seven day span I managed to acquire a taste for coffee. Just your run-of-the-mill black coffee. I've acquired such a taste for it that I keep thinking about running out and buying a coffee maker and filters and coffee so I can have a cup right now. But then I tell myself that I've lived without all that stuff for this long, so why should I buy it now?
We roamed around Ikea for about 10 hours. They didn't have the kickass table I wanted to get D for Christmas. That table was the only reason I wanted to go, and it isn't like Ikea is easily accessible to those of us here in Dallas. So Ikea, you really let me down.
I saw two of my favorite people, Daniel and Sarah. We all went out to my favorite Houston restaurant, Star Pizza. If anyone ever goes there they should get the Joe's deep-dish-wheat-crust pizza. It's seriously the best pizza you will ever have in your entire life. I didn't get to have it this time, and I haven't had it in a long time, because every time we've gone in the past couple of years everyone refuses to get spinach on their pizza.
But anyway, now it's back to normal life. I've got a mega deadline on Wednesday and a smorgasbord of final exams next week.
If you don't hear from me for a while, I'll probably be hiding in a corner til all of this stuff dies down.


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