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My Unwanted Roommate

That was a very long weekend. To whomever I offended or irritated, I am sorry for being so grumpy.
Okay. It's been a while since I've complained about something. I think my roommate gave her boyfriend a key to our apartment. This is the same boyfriend that went into my room and looked at porn on my computer. She didn't ask me if it was okay if she gave her boyfriend a key or even tell me that she did. She's usually gone all day, and I'm usually in class or at work all day, so when he stays here he is here by himself, and that bothers me. A lot. He's usually here about four days a week.
This whole situation takes me back to a time when D was living with Mike, and I would stay at their place quite a bit. I don't know if Mike was ever annoyed by this, but if he was I can understand why. Even though I wasn't going into Mike's room and looking at porn, and I cooked and cleaned for them sometimes, I probably overstayed my welcome. So, now I feel kind of bad about all that.
Anyway, even if her boyfriend stays out of sight most of the time, he is still there. He doesn't pay rent, doesn't clean up after himself, he eats our food, and he takes up about three spaces in our tiny parking lot with his ginormous truck.
Am I being too hard on him?


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