It’s That Time of Year Again!

If I hear, "It's that time of year again!" in a commercial on the radio or television one more time, I will go insane. I'm not joking either. The marketing teams that come up with these commercials need to go back to school. They use this line for every holiday AND season of the year. I'm feeling Grinchy these days.
My family drives me nuts. They all mean well in their selfish ways.
My sister called me this morning and in a frantic voice said, "I just heard some TERRIBLE news!" Thinking that someone died, I freaked out and asked what happened. Turns out the terrible news was that I was planning to spend Christmas at my mother's house, not my dad's. My sister always spends Christmas at my dad's and was worried that she wouldn't get to see me, because there's no way in hell she'd want to spend Christmas at our mom's house, which is a completely different story. This call was followed by my step-mom calling to tell me how sad she was that I wouldn't be at Dad's for Christmas, my dad calling to tell me, in a pitiful voice, that he understands that I need to do what I think is right, and finally my mom calling to tell me that I should just go to my dad's for Christmas.
When this week is over and Christmas is done with you really can't imagine how relieved I will be.
I'll be in a better mood next week.


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