Silver Lining

Well, the undertow had a hold on me and I really didn't think I was going to make it back, but being the excellent swimmer that I am, I escaped. And I'm back.
As usual, they didn't kill me, but they didn't make me stronger. The holidays, that is.
I'll probably be walking around like a zombie for the next 24 hours, while decompressing from Christmas with the family.
There were a couple of highlights though.
Let's see�
Oh, how about Nana, my step-mom's mom, drinking like I've never seen a nana drink before. She got a kick out of making toasts during Christmas dinner. I think she made like five toasts. She toasted to there being snow outside. She toasted to my step-brother being home. She toasted to still being alive. You get the point.
Oh, and the snow. It's pretty strange for it to snow in Houston. I think the last time I saw snow there was in elementary school. So, it never happens. But it snowed a little Christmas Eve. By a little I mean, it stuck to the cars and that's it.
And, someone gave my dad and step-mom this device called Bow-Lingual for Christmas. It's really for their dogs. There's a little thingy that you attach to the dog's collar and then when it barks what it's really saying shows up on a monitor. My parents have two tiny rescue dogs. Scarlett hated the collar thingy and hid under the hot tub, but before she did that she said, "Don't mess with me!" to May, the other dog. After attaching the collar thingy to May she said she was lonely today, and I think she told us she was beautiful too. So, there you have it. There was some entertaining stuff mixed into the bowl full of stress. Now I really don't want to talk about it anymore. But hey, New Year's Eve is tomorrow!


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