Winter Makes Me Whiny

I've thought about being labeled a sniveling whiny baby, and frankly I just don't see how that could be true. Sure I do plenty of complaining, but this does not mean that I don't embrace the good stuff too. I guess maybe it's just the irritating stuff that motivates me to update this blog.
So, time for a "sniveling whiny baby" update. I usually love, LOVE, shopping for clothes, but after a trip to the mall yesterday, I decided that shopping for winter clothes is just downright annoying. First of all, I found these kick-ass jeans. You know, the ones with the holes already in them that parents never let their kids buy, because they think it's silly to spend their money on destroyed clothing. Well, call me silly, but I've always wanted some of these jeans, and at last, I found some with the holes and frayed spots perfectly placed. I rummaged through piles of them to find my size. Being the short person that I am, I have to buy the �petite� kind of pants, or else I end up walking all over the bottom of them. Then, after I managed to demolish the neatly folded stacks of jeans, a salesperson informed me that they don't carry the petite size in the specialty jeans.
Are petite people not allowed to enjoy frivolous spending on unnecessary clothes?!
I ended up settling on a boring, regular old pair of jeans. Maybe I'll destroy them myself.
Then I was ready to try on some sweaters. I've never really been a big sweater fan, mainly because they're itchy, but after finding some that looked pretty sweet, I decided this could be a turning point for me.
Hilarity ensued.
I tried on armfuls of sweaters and each one managed to make me look like a giant marshmallow peep. My head got caught in the turtlenecks, making my spiky hair zip and zap with static, and bending my glasses, smushing them against my face.
I really envy those skinny bitches that make wearing sweaters look like a walk in the park.
I'm ready for summer to come back to me. I need to buy skirts and tank tops and other uninhibited clothing.
Phew! I'm done whining now.


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