Indulge the Red-Eyed Monster

Winter Break Wind Down Update:
Have I painted my toenails?
Have I finished that scarf?
Haven't even touched it.
Have I finished that book?
I've been too busy reading crap online.
Have I made an appointment to see the eye doctor?
For some reason the process of calling a new eye doctor with new insurance seems quite intimidating to me right now. So, no.
What have I been doing, you might ask.
Well, I actually went into work yesterday. I had a lunch meeting with the editor and photo editor and found out that we are lacking two photographers, an assistant editor, and a layout designer.
So, what I thought was going to be a stress filled semester was confirmed by the fact that half our staff quit.
I've also been trying to fend off the prickly red-eyed monster called PMS.
The only things that seem to keep it at bay are cigarettes, grilled cheese sandwiches and chocolate, and hugs. But one has to be careful when offering any of these things, because if they are offered at the wrong times I might yell, cry, or shove.
I think the grilled cheese sandwich is the most difficult of the peace offerings. Since I feel extra fat this week, eating grilled cheese sandwiches can result in me feeling even worse with added guilt and shame.
It's very tricky, this PMS monster.
Boys, count your blessings.


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