It’s Love

We trucked on over to Starbucks to try out their new drink, Chantico.
After gulping it down greedily, I am convinced that it was invented to assure me that I am not a freak for eating spoonfuls of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup.
I never thought to pour the chocolate syrup into a cup, heat it up a little, and then drink it. Duh!
I know this stuff has got to be loaded down with calories, but I convinced myself that because chocolate contains some chemical that alters other chemicals in your brain which in turn makes you quite happy, my mental health was way too important to not try the drink.
And let me tell you, this drink was so perfect that it made my tongue weep tears of joy.
I've found my soul mate. Chantico and I will get married and have Chantico babies, and I will drink them and live happily ever after.
I know young, hip people like me hate big corporations that are taking over this country and killing any locally-owned/mom-and-pop businesses, but how can something so angelic come from something considered to be evil?


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