I Hear the Voice of Stone Phillips in My Head

I've been a Dateline watcher since, well since my parents started watching it a long time ago.
I know, it's cheesy journalism, but I LOVE IT.
I love how they do those investigative stories and they leave the viewer in suspense about whether so-and-so is guilty or innocent and kind of let the viewer form his or her own opinion.
But I've gotten out of the habit of watching television lately, thanks to evil deadlines and ungodly amounts of reading assignments (I know way more about micro-managing and liberal feminism than I ever wanted to know), so when I do have a chance to watch TV, I have no idea what's on.
Back when I watched Dateline on a regular basis, it came on like three or four nights a week. I was in Dateline heaven!
So anyway, Monday night I had about an hour I could spend watching TV. It was about 8 pm and I thought, "Hey! Maybe Dateline is on!" I flipped through the major networks to see if I could find it, but I could only find commercials. So then I tried to think if I ever heard Stone Phillips say, "I'm Stone Phillips, and this is Dateline Monday," or "You are watching Dateline Monday." Not that he says that, but I think he does. I could hear his voice saying that in my head, so I thought Dateline HAD to be on. It wasn't. Or if it was, I was too distracted by that nanny show to look anymore. I know it probably would have been a lot easier to just look online at the TV schedule, but I only had an hour people! The point of the story is, I probably won't ever get to see Dateline again, unless I find myself suddenly single and friendless on a Saturday night. I think Dateline comes on Saturday night�


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