Ten Confessions of a College Senior

1. I watch Lizzie McGuire after Conan O'Brien almost every night.
2. Dr Pepper flavored Bonne Bell lip gloss is the best!
3. I sing along to Jessica Simpson and Kelly Clarkson songs when I'm in the car by myself.
4. I have the crimping iron I got in elementary school, just in case 80's hair comes back in style.
5. Every night I sleep with a stuffed cat – Al E. Cat – that I've had since I was little and a stuffed dog – Little Bow Wow – that Dave*g gave me two years ago.                                                                                                                                      6. I get silly crushes on cute, grungy guys that play guitar.                                                                                                 7. If it comes in pink or if it's shimmery, I'll probably buy it. If it's pink and shimmery, I'll definitely buy it.                                  8. Pretty much any Disney movie has a part in it that makes me cry.                                                                                    9. I still managed in incorporate jelly bracelets and flip-flops into my wardrobe on a regular basis.                                          10. When picking out magazines I'm always tempted to grab Seventeen or Cosmo Girl instead of the more age appropriate Jane or Allure.


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