A Toilet So Clean You Can Drink From It

I'm catching up this week. Yes I am.
Do you know how many stories I wrote last night for work? FOUR STORIES!
I've heard people complain about work. How exhausting it is to work on a deadline. I've just got to say that I would really love to ONLY have to work on a deadline.
Having a monthly deadline can be rough, I know. Throw 13 hours of classes on top of that, and not just the rinky dink English 101 type classes, but the really tough ones that you take your senior year, and what you have is total chaos.
I had some BasinTubandTile therapy tonight. My usual Tuesday night plans were cancelled, so I relished in the scrubbing down of my bathroom that had collected a few months' worth of hairspray, hair, and dirt.
There's nothing like cleaning that untangles the knots in my stomach and fills me with a sense of productivity.
If you haven't figured out that I'm a freak by now, then you must not read this blog much.
What is it with people breaking up lately? I know of four couples that have broken up in the past week. It's insanity!
I hope it isn't contagious.
Speaking of contagious, am I the only one noticing how the flu is spreading like crazy all over the world? Even the Pope had the flu!
The woman I interviewed today for a story kept coughing and telling me she was coming down with something, so not only was I paranoid about my recorder screwing up and losing the whole interview, but I had to hold my breath every few minutes so I wouldn't breathe in the germs.
Okay. This is getting out of hand.
Did I mention I wrote four stories last night? I'm drained of creative energy.
This is the best I can do.


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