Why Can’t I Just Be a Rebel

I just got off the phone with Sloan. She's my Feature Writing class friend. It's good to have a Feature Writing class friend who is as busy as I am, because we vent our frustrations and talk each other into skipping class.
So yes, as of now I am considering skipping class, seeing how I haven't read the first three chapters of Isaac's Storm and written a paper on why Erik Larson's writing style �works�, and I have not started the second draft of my feature story, which is due tomorrow.
The thought process I go through when considering skipping an important class is absolutely exhausting.
I was sitting in my Feminist Thought class this evening and all I could think about is how much work I have to do by Friday. This included the Feature Writing assignments, studying for a Spanish exam, and writing a story for the yearbook.
So anyway, I was getting all distraught and totally not paying attention to what any of my classmates had to say about the union of Marxism and Feminism. And then the light bulb went off.
Of course! The solution is simple! Skip Feature Writing and avoid getting raked over the coals by my terrifying professor, and have plenty of time to study for Spanish and work on the yearbook story.
The only problem is I will probably get yelled at next Thursday night when I go to Feature Writing. The only way to really make it all okay is to turn in a kick ass feature next week.
That's what I'll do.
You guys are probably thrilled that I filled you in on all this.


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