Spring Fever

It is really annoying when you have missed a deadline because you can't get a hold of the person you need to interview.
Don't these people know that my story is way more important than anything going on in their lives?!
I think I have spring fever. I think everyone has spring fever right now.
We only have three and a half more days until Spring Break, and everyone at NT is either frantically trying to get work done, or they just don't give a damn anymore. I fall somewhere between those two.
I have spurts of productivity followed by three hour naps and hours of mindless T.V. entertainment.
And then I start frantically working again and cursing myself for being so lazy.
For those of you that miss the good ol' days of college, you are sick foolish people. And I'll trade places with any of you right now. You can finish out my semester, pull up my Spanish grade to passing, read endless chapters of Feminist Thought, and write and edit story upon story until you are exhausted of creativity and your writing turns into mush.
Are those the good ol' days you remember? Probably not.
Luckily, you have me to remind you.


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