And I swear I’m not an alcoholic, nor am I going to turn into one.

Urban Outfitters is really starting to depress me.
I started shopping at the Urban Outfitters in the Village in Houston when I was just a young chubby thing looking for an alternative to Dillard's. Urban Outfitters turned into my home away from home, and since then I've managed to spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars at the store.
Since my introduction to Urban Outfitters, the store has morphed into a trendy, neo-punk version of it's former self. I know it became trendy a long time ago, but it never really bothered me until recently.
I cannot go in there without being bombarded by teeny, daddy's-credit-card-spending, Highland Park girls and their entourages of mothers, boyfriends, and BFFs.
I went in there today to kill some time and saw two girls in school uniforms (plaid skirts and polo shirts) rummaging through piles of t-shirts while one of their mothers video taped them. Then the mom put down the camera and asked where they would like to go next. One of the girls said Deep Ellum, but after the mom said it's too scary there, they decided on a shopping center in Highland Park.
The whole thing was really irritating, and I was trying to act like I didn't really care what they were up to, since they obviously loved the attention from store customers, so I never figured out what the deal was with the video camera.
I know, anti-climactic story.
I did find a really cool bracelet, but I didn't buy it because it was $34. The bracelet is just a bunch of funky looking buttons strung together with wire. I could probably make the bracelet myself, but the thing is I don't know how to punch holes on the sides of each button without ruining the buttons.
So, my point, if anyone knows how to punch holes in buttons without messing them up, let me know.


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