Oh man, my brain totally pulled a disappearing act over Spring Break and has yet to be found. This could be a good thing though, because since it went missing I haven't felt the slightest inkling of stress. And I should be feeling tons of stress because I have like four stories to write this week and a bunch of reading to do, and my writers have been missing deadlines!
But I'm completely chilled out.
Have I ever mentioned that I love to say �my writers�? As if I own them or something. I feel like I should do some evil I'm-going-to-take-over-the-world laugh after I say �my writers�. If I ever heard someone else say �my writers� or �my designers� or something like that, I would probably be really annoyed and push them down.
One of my best friends broke up with her boyfriend/ fianc� over the weekend. I really hate it when my friends are sad. I never know if I'm very helpful when it comes to consoling people. I usually know how they're feeling, so I try to think of what I would want if I was in their situation and go from there. But then I get carried away with trying to make them feel better and the things I say start to sound really strange.
Here's what I told this friend:
I like to think of people's lives as books. Some have a lot of chapters, some not so many. The books with lots of chapters tend to be way more fun, with characters that drift in and out. Maybe your book is one of those with lots of chapters, and you've got lots of exciting stuff coming your way.
Yes, I did actually say these words. I really was going somewhere with that analogy, but then I lost it. And now the more I think about it the more stupid I feel.
But my brain did leave me, so, you know.
Okay, so I wrote all that yesterday and Diaryland was being a bitch and wouldn't let me add a new entry. But now I have something else to say.
I just got out of Feminist Thought where we discussed the differences between the way women and men communicate. Of course there were some stereotypes being thrown around on both sides. But the discussion was fascinatingly hilarious, or hilariously fascinating, either one. And just so all you guys know, I'm going to totally be analyzing your conversations from now on, and I might start cracking up while listening to you talk.
Just so you know.


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