Yeah, it’s Wednesday

This week has gone by rather bumpy so far, and I'm pretty sure the rest of the semester will go by just the same.
I'm handling the stress a lot better than I have in previous months/ years, but even so I kind of feel like I'm going crazy. Like every time I feel the anxiety creeping up, making my heart beat fast and my hair feel prickly, I just take some deep breaths and think happy thoughts. But then I think of that Seinfeld episode where George's dad yells, "Serenity now!" every time he gets exasperated, and then George finds out that his childhood rival went crazy from saying that. Where was I going with that?

Yeah, so I'm probably going crazy. Big deal.
Yesterday morning I woke up to the sound of my roommate vomiting up the bag of Cheetos she ate for breakfast. It wasn't one of those little snack size bags either. It was a gigantic bag of puffs.
Everyone keeps telling me to say something to her about it, but what am I supposed to say? I've never been very good with confrontation, and her boyfriend is ALWAYS here, so I don't really want to mention it in front of him. He should be the one to say something anyway. He has to know what's going on.
Anyway, I don't know how much longer we'll be roommates since our lease is up pretty soon, and she wants to move 30 minutes down the road.
What else�
I said goodbye to Alberto yesterday. It was one of those casual see-ya-later kind of goodbyes. I usually handle goodbyes badly, so I was really impressed with my ability to not even get a little teary-eyed.
Then I got in the car and that Elton John "Candle in the Wind" song came on the radio, and as cheesy as Elton John is, I just started bawling. Alberto will be missed.


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