Are we there yet?

Lessoned learned today:
From now on I really shouldn't go into the office if it isn't during my specified office hours.
For the past couple of months I've been going into the office on Wednesdays at around 11 a.m. I'm not required to be in the office on Wednesdays at all, I just felt like it because I wanted to know what was going on at the yearbook, wanted to hang out, didn't feel like going home and then coming back for the 3 p.m. meeting.
Well because I'm tight on money, can't afford to eat at school four days out of the week, and because I've noticed I get way too distracted in the office to get any work done, I decided to come home today after my class instead.
Big mistake.
The editor called me at about 11:30 and left a frantic message wondering where I was? "You're usually here by now!" Then I get online to check my email and get an IM from Shelley, who is at home with two broken ribs and isn't going to be at work for two weeks, asking why I'm not at the office. Shortly after, I get an IM from the assistant editor asking, "Aren't you usually here now? Or am I confused?" If someone would just take the time to look up my office hours they would see that, no, I am not supposed to be there right now.

So anyway, all is resolved. But instead of having distractions from the office like smoke breaks, music, and Tom the Loud Talker (does he have to talk that loud?), I have the distractions of this computer and the television.


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