I'm sweating profusely today. I'm so not a sweat-er either. I only sweat when I do strenuous work, like working out on the elliptical trainer, but today I sweat as I sit at my desk, I sweat while riding in the elevator, I sweat while walking down the hall.
I could really use a giant refrigerator right now.
They best thing anyone has said to me all day is, "Go home." And that was coming from the big boss, the yearbook advisor. "No one wants your germs. If you're sick you should be at home."

Unfortunately, I cannot afford to spend another day at home. I'm behind on everything. It's not like being here is helping though. I'm on cold medicine, so I'm pretty much useless, but I feel like just being here is an accomplishment. The good news is cold medicine is as awesome as it is horrible.


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