You have these really special moments in your life; you might say that they're once-in-a-lifetime moments.
Like the first time you hear the person you love say that they love you too.
These are take-your-breath-away kind of moments.
I had a short meeting with one of my journalism professors this evening; this is the one that I am so scared of. Anyway, he handed me an essay I wrote at the beginning of the semester and it had an 'A' at the top. He told me he thinks I'm a good writer and asked if he could have a copy of my essay. He then went on to talk about helping me get the essay published. I turned bright red, of course, and stuttered and mumbled some words. Compliments like that coming from him, coming from someone I really admire, are valuable.
So, it was just a really cool moment.
I wish I could take pictures of those little flashes in my life so I could go back and look at them over and over again.


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