What happened to nap time?

I think my body is trying to tell me something.
Driving home from work yesterday, from Dallas to Denton, my eyes started to get really heavy. You know how your eyes start crossing and swirling when you're trying to fight sleep? Well that's what my eyes were doing as I sat in rush hour traffic with the sun beating down on the side of my face. As I inched close to the lane next to mine, I snapped out of it and shook my head attempting to jolt my brain back into alert mode.
I just need to get home, I kept telling myself.
I finally reached my apartment, clunked up the stairs and spent the rest of the evening in bed watching cheesy television. Yes, I caught Diane Sawyer's interview with Brad Pitt.
Today, I take comfort in knowing that I can crash in Dallas this evening. But just to be safe, I've been sipping coffee at a steady pace.
If only Denton wasn't practically in Oklahoma. Damn you, commute!


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