Zoning Out

While in the shower this morning, lathering up the ginormous bug bite on my back, I thought about how tired I've been the last couple of weeks. Sure, it's normal to be tired after working all day, but so tired that I start dose off while driving home or think that 10 p.m. is a reasonable time for a 22 year old to go to bed, just isn't right.
So, while I thought about how tired I was, I spotted a bruise on my knee and couldn't remember how I got it. Come to think of it, I've been finding mysterious bruises quite a bit lately.
And, you know, I feel light-headed a lot these days, and that elevator at work makes me really dizzy. I've also wake up to leg cramps frequently.
Anyway, I came to all of these realizations and then they started to piece together and then the light bulb went off.
I ran out of iron supplements about a month ago and never got around to buying more. I figured that since I've been eating more iron rich foods I'd be okay without the pills. But all of these issues are symptoms of anemia, something I've been dealing with for years and treating with iron supplements.
So, I'm pretty proud of myself for figuring all of this out, even if it did take a while. I better get to Walgreen's before I start having cravings for paper, ice or dirt.


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