I think it’s time for a hot air balloon ride.

I have a nice view of Starbucks from where I sit. I'm so jealous of those people down there, lounging on patio furniture with their newspapers and mochas.
Today started out pretty horrible, but I've been so productive that I've gotten over the bad mood hump.
It wasn't that anything really bad happened this morning. I just wasn't in the mood to deal with anything thrown my way. Although I got out of bed when I was supposed to, no dawdling, I still walked out of the house five minutes late.
I had poured myself a piping hot cup of coffee in a travel mug sans lid, and due to the many potholes decorating Dallas roads I spilled said coffee on my jeans.
I tried to swab up as much of it as I could while trying to save the rest and accidentally dropped my tissue in the mug.
But anyway, on to the better stuff.
I actually got someone to talk to me for a crime story and it only took about 15 minutes to find her in the stack of reports. So the Tuesday morning deadline that kind of scared me when I first got into the office isn't so scary anymore.
I'm seeking revenge on my unruly hair this week. I've had enough with trying to make all the layers blend with the round brush and blow dryer. I'm sick of the longer front strands tickling my nose and cheeks or getting in my eyes every time the wind blows. It's overstayed its welcome, and sometime this week I'll be heading over to my salon to get it cut.
But anyway, nothing really new or exciting happening at the moment.
Only two loungers left at Starbucks. I hate them.


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