A Serious Exercise in Patience

I'm two Diet Cokes into my day and I'm waiting for someone to return my calls.
So, while I wait, how about an update.
I've got a hair appointment scheduled for Friday. It's with someone other than my usual stylist. This makes me nervous, but detecting my uncertainty about this new stylist's skills, the receptionist assured me that Kevin (or was it Chris, or Mike) does a really good job.
I don't think you realize how much I love getting my hair cut. It really isn't so much the cutting as it is the entire experience. It's one of my favorite things in the whole world, next to lox and bagels and cuddling.
I love having one person's undivided attention for 30 minutes to an hour. I love someone's job being to make me beautiful.
Back when I was waiting tables and lifeguarding, I had way more money than I really needed, so getting my hair cut, or colored or played with, turned into a favorite past time. I've got pictures to prove it. Short, spiky hair ranging in aqua to black with pink stripes, and there was a platinum blond period, is the focal point of most of the pictures stuffed in shoeboxes under my bed.
These days, after switching to jobs more aligned with my career path, the funds are running low. Getting my hair cut is more like something I daydream about for months, flipping through hair style magazines while waiting for my prescription to be filled at Walgreen's.
It's so sad. I miss my former favorite past time.
But this does make me appreciate the sweet smell of expensive products and someone else's fingers shampooing my hair so much more.
Best thing about haircuts: definitely the shampoo
Worst thing about haircuts: small talk with the stylist and those damned awkward silences


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