Sometimes I just want to disappear.
I'm glad it's finally Friday, but I have a feeling this weekend is not going to be easy. I'm dealing with some family issues and my dad and step-mom are coming up this weekend, so I'm sure there are going to be some discussions about what's going on.
I can't be as open about all of this here as I would like to be, out of respect for my family, but let's just say these issues are the only things on my mind right now. And it's not easy.
I am, however, getting my hair cut this evening and then getting together with some friends, so hopefully this will help me wind down and collect my thoughts.
I told my sister last night that I'm tired of pretending everything is okay when it's really not, but in the back of my mind I know that it can be comforting and easy to avoid confronting problems. I think that's why I pretend so much.
I might be acting a little melodramatic right now, but that's just where I'm at with all this.


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