Can I go home now?

I just got back from the police department. That really sucked.
First of all, I am horrible with directions, so any time I am going to a new place I get really stressed about getting lost. This is probably because I got lost a lot when I lived in Houston. I always managed to end up driving on the wrong side of the road, at night, in the ghetto. I'm sure that traumatized me.
Although the police department is right across the street from some fancy lofts, the neighborhood is still pretty sketchy, so that made me uncomfortable.
Then I had no money to park, so I parked in a "retail only" parking lot, and the whole time I was in the police station (about two hours) I was paranoid about getting towed.
Then these other reporters kept coming in and acting like they owned the only computer in the press room. They probably saw me in my jeans and T-shirt, looking nervous and paranoid and decided that they deserved that computer more than I did.
I've gotta start dressing nicer when I go down there, and I've gotta learn to be more assertive. Anyway, I didn't get as many police reports as I would have liked due to the paranoia, but whatever. It's Friday.
So, I've got an interview scheduled for 3 p.m. and I've been playing phone tag (so annoying) with someone who has information that I want and it's my turn to call her, so I guess I'd better go.


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